Two Conflicting Voices: The Battle of the Twins
[Parshat Toldot]



Do you ever feel split into two? With two very different, even conflicting voices tearing you apart, each tugging you in an opposite directions? Your heart tells you one thing. Your mind another. One voice is self absorbed, egocentric, insisting that you fulfill your needs. The other suggests you help another. One is consumed with survival and self gratification — hungry, demanding, voracious. The other with transcendence — beckoning, yearning for something higher. Can we reconcile both voices? Are we doomed to a life of dissonance? How can we resolve the tension and anxiety inherent in this combat?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this Toldos workshop and discover how the twin brothers, Esau and Jacob, personify the two dichotomous forces in our psyche, each vying for dominance. This piercing discussion will enter the fray and dissect the roots of our inner conflicts, demystifying and defanging the confusion and fear they create, and identify methods to end the battle and find peace and harmony.


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[Parshat Toldot]”

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