The Happiness Myth: Is There Anything I Can Do to Be a Happier Person?



How many books are being peddled promising to make you a happier person? How many experts, therapists, life coaches, webinars, seminars, blogs and every possible information channel are offering us the secrets to happiness? A google search for “how to become happy” yields 80,200,000 results! (The time it would take to go through 5% of those results would sure keep your mind off your miseries…).

With all those methods out there you would think people should have become happier. But is that true? Obviously, if there was a proven way to achieve happiness more manuals and workshops wouldn’t be needed. The very fact that new happiness tools are constantly being sold tells us that the previous offerings aren’t working…

Perhaps we need to revisit and take a new look at what happiness truly is. Without a clear definition of happiness. our expectations may be unrealistic. We may be seeking the wrong thing or seeking in the wrong way.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this illuminating workshop as he dissects the anatomy of happiness and dispels the myths surrounding its elusive search. Discover how happiness is a state of being that results from certain behaviors, mindsets and feelings, rather than being a commodity and an action. Learn the ultimate secret (which no book or lecture can give you): You are already a happy person. You just need to uncover it.


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