How many Eternal Things Occupy Your Life
[Parshat Tetzaveh]



How many things occupy your daily life that have become so much part of your habits and patterns that you don’t even notice them? How much of your time do these activities consume? How many of them involve stuff that really doesn’t matter that much? And if you had a choice, how many of them would you discard?

It seems like a healthy exercise to review your life regimen from time to time, just to get an accurate picture of what you are involved in. Once you do take a closer look at your days, here is the big question worth asking: How many of your activities are superficial or serve short-term objectives, and how many of them have everlasting value? You’ll be surprised at the answer. As irrational as it sounds we are preoccupied far more — most of our time — with things that are short-lived than with matters that have eternal impact. Why?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this eye-opening eternal flame workshop and learn the mystery behind our addiction to instant gratification and our seduction by the temporary. How can we make sense of our choice of the momentary over the eternal; the immediate over forever? Discover the tremendous illusory power of the here and now of our material universe, how we can see through the facade and  recognize the eternal within, and even more fascinating: Learn how to turn your transient activities into permanence.


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[Parshat Tetzaveh]”

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