3 Vital Lessons For Today: Pre-Passover Workshop
[Parshat Metzorah]



We all seek direction and guidance in our lives. Especially when things get tough and turbulent. Our modern world — with all its blessings and freedoms — has its share of challenges. For starters, who doesn’t struggle in some way with finding and sustaining healthy relationships? At times like these where do you turn? With all sorts of remedies being peddled to us, one often overlooked place to find answers is in time-tested methods. What can a 3328 year old event – still celebrated today — teach us about dealing with the twists and turns of life?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this pre-Passover workshop as he dissects the Exodus narrative and derives three vital lessons for our lives today: 1. Learn to transcend. 2. Empty yourself. 3. Empathize. These three methods can help you face any challenge in life, and come away not merely intact, but stronger than ever.


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[Parshat Metzorah]”

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