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1. The First Terrorist?
The first terrorist was an invisible killer. His goals were invisible as well. He was a person but also an archetype. And he remains formidable. But he can be defeated, if only we are able to demystify his power, and learn what he has to teach us today … in the post 9/11 age.
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2. Lost Souls
What responsibility do we have to lost souls? The answer is given to us in this week’s Torah portion, where we read about one of the kindest acts a person can do: the mitzvah of hashovat aveidah, returning a lost object to its rightful owner. While this is certainly a noble act, is there any deeper significance to this obligation?
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3. Are Jews Warriors?
Is going to war a Jewish thing? One would think not. Nevertheless, it seems that we have always been at war. What does this mean? And, if so, how can we ensure victory? The answer lies in this week’s Torah reading which teaches us to go out and fight the good fight. We are guaranteed victory because, even as we fight, we rise above our enemy.
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4. How to Build the Perfect Nest
Every person needs a nurturing nest. Like birds, our secure nests help us build the confidence to soar. How do we build healthy nests today? The answer is found in a Shiluach HaKen, the mitzvah of sending away the mother bird.
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5. Fences, Defenses and Offences
Should we lead mediocre lives with less risk of falling and failing and getting hurt, but also with less reward? Or should we reach for the stars, climbing as high as we may, which involves greater risk? Tells us the Torah: Build high, powerful structures, but surround your roofs with guardrails. Literally and figuratively.
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6. Could Divorce be a “Mitzvah”?
The Torah does not retreat from any painful issue. In this week’s reading it takes on the sad matter of divorce. Most astonishing is the fact that the Torah devotes a full section to the procedures of divorce, in contrast to the laws of marriage which get not even one verse. Can there ever be anything positive about a divorce – which shatters lives and homes?
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7. Hurricanes in the Month of Elul: What is Its Message for Us?
In the wake of recent devastating hurricanes, how does the Torah teach us to respond to such a disaster? Considering that we are in the days of Elul, the month of compassion, preparing us for the New Year, what compassion do we find in such catastrophe?
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