Korach: The Rebbe, Elie Wiesel and a Lesson in Leadership



Korach attacked the epitome of Jewish leadership, Moses and Aaron.

Korach’s grandson reached the epitome of Jewish leadership and was compared to Moses and Aaron.

In this sermon you will discover who Korach’s grandson was and what made him such a great leader – perhaps even greater than Moses in one way.

You will also discover – via a lesson from the Talmud – that you have the very same leadership instinct and ability embedded into your DNA.

Gimmel Tammuz concealed the leader of our generation, compelling us all to be his shluchim – his arms and legs in carrying out his mission, as leaders of our respective communities, each in our own inimitable way.

A poignant letter from the Rebbe to Elie Wiesel (who sadly passed away last Shabbat), teaches us the secret to leadership and how to fight the “night,” the evils and darkness of our enemies: 1) be fruitful, spread, and multiply – in other words, lead; 2) pass on our family traditions – Vizhnitz, Lubavitch, a righteous Jew – to our children, grandchildren, and all future generations.


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