Korach / Gimmel Tammuz Sermon Package



Get six complete and original sermons for Parshat Korach / Gimmel Tammuz (or purchase them individually)

1. Gimmel Tammuz: Are You a Rebel or a Conformist?
How should we react to a rebellious teenager? Or anyone that doesn’t fit the “mold?” And what about our own mischievous voices and even insubordinate histories.  Why does the Torah elaborate about the rebellion of Korach against Moses when the episode ends in tragedy? One of the greatest contributions of the Rebbe to our lives today is the need to be a rebel, a non-conformist and challenge the status quo.
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2. The Sensitivity of a Leader
All souls that enter this world and leave this world go through this roomYou probably don’t know the address where to send these letters [to those souls that have already left this world], so leave these letters here… These two unforgettable stories of the Rebbe, among some others, offer us some of the most vital lessons in life that we will ever hear.
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3. The Rebbe, Elie Wiesel and a Lesson in Leadership
Korach attacked the epitome of Jewish leadership, Moses and Aaron. A poignant letter from the Rebbe to Elie Wiesel teaches us the secret to leadership and how to fight the “night” through light and building a family and future generations.
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4. If G-d Is Everywhere, Why Do We Need Torah?
G-d is omnipresent, omnipotent. So why do we need religion? Why do we need Torah? Why do we need rules and commandments? And why do we need leaders? Why do we need a Moses, a Rebbe? We find the answer in this week’s Torah reading.
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5. Mouth Of The World
The “earth opened its mouth” in this week’s Torah portion teaches us that leadership is not so much about speaking truths to the world as it is about inspiring the world itself to speak truth and reach its deepest purpose. It’s not so much about opening your own mouth but about opening the mouth of others. 
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6. Circles and Squares
Are you a circle or a square? We all would like to have spouses/friends who embody the best of both worlds … who are reliable, steady and grounded, yet also fun, exciting and spontaneous. But is it possible to bridge these two diametric opposites? The Torah teaches us how by learning the lessons of Korach and the scouts.
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