Netzavim/Pre-Rosh Hashana Sermon Package



Get five complete and original sermons for Parshat Netzavim (or purchase them individually)

1.  Circumcise Your … Heart?
What is the meaning of the cryptic command in this week’s Torah chapter: Circumcise your… heart? Learn about a paramedic that paged himself to his very own heart attack, and how the finest heart surgeon differs from a car mechanic – teaching us the importance of circumcising our heart, especially as prepare for the New Year.
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2. The Best Remedy for Anxiety: Xanax vs. Torah
What is the best remedy to anxiety? The answer is not found in a pill, but in a scroll, namely: the Torah. The antidote to angst, worry and stress is found in the opening sentence of this week’s Torah reading, which features woodcutters and water drawers. And it prescribes three remedies: work, chop, draw. What better time to conquer anxiety than right before Rosh Hashanah?
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3. WiFi and Torah
One of the great dilemmas of our time is relevance of Judaism to our personal lives. Most Jews simply don’t find a resonating message in Torah. Inevitably, they seek other options… One word in this week’s Torah portion – korov – contains the secret to solving this dilemma. And, of all places, modern technology – the devices we all carry 24/6 – teaches us the power of this one word.
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4. A Nation Apart: Is Israel’s Isolation A Bad Thing?
Isolation is the threatening word used today, both by Israel’s foes and friends, to emphasize the need for concessions.Isolation – really?! Is that what we should be afraid of?! As if Israel was not isolated until now? In this week’s Torah portion we read about the true source of Jewish strength: “You (Israel) stand upright this day, all of you, before the Lord your G-d.”
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5. 1) The Calling 2) Existence Unplugged
Rosh Hashana – the birthday of humanity – celebrates the Divine Image we all share. And this clues us into God’s innermost thoughts. What do they look like? They look like you and me. We are G-d’s expression of His innermost thoughts. And what is G-d thinking about right now? About us.
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