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Get three complete and original sermons for Parshat Pikudei (or purchase them individually)

1. Are You Behind On Your Mortgage Payments?
Mishkan – meaning Tabernacle, and referring to the portable Tabernacle in the desert which later became the Temple in Jerusalem – is spelled the same way as mashkon, meaning “collateral” or “security.” What is the possible connection between the Mishkan, a dwelling for the Almighty, and a mashkon, collateral put up to secure a loan?
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2. From Darkness to Light
This week’s Torah reading brings us to the end of the Book of Exodus, the second of the Five Books of Moses. And its message couldn’t be more relevant today – with many parts of the world experiencing its own “exodus” from oppression. 
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3. Living in a Cloud
Does the Torah allow me to express myself as an individual? If I have to eat what the Torah says I have to eat, if I have to wear what the Torah says I have to wear, if I have to live as the Torah tells me to live, then how can I be me?
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