The Real You vs. The Projected You



When asked “who are you?” most people hand you their business card, or begin describing the things they’re preoccupied with. But do your activities reflect who you really are? Are you what you do? Many of us do not distinguish between who we are and what we do. Years of routine mold and shape us into creatures of habit, and sadly, our identities become a product of our patterns, rather than the other way around. Our self-worth often becomes defined by our net-worth. This is analogous to the instrument telling one’s hand what to do, rather than the hand directing the instrument; like the ship guiding the captain, instead of the captain guiding the ship. Shouldn’t it be the other way around: Shouldn’t our inner identities define our value and our involvements?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this pre-Yom Kippur workshop and learn how the holiest day of the year will help you discover the real you as opposed to the projected you. Find out how these sacred hours allow you to strip away the accumulated habitual layers that mask your inner core and begin living a life inside-out inside of outside-in.


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