Rosh Hashanah Day Two: Is the Book of Life Written in Braille?



Books are written in many genres. We are the People of the Book. We should know.

There are books of fiction, non-fiction and science-fiction. There are detective stories, murder mysteries, tragedies, comedies, biographies and anthologies. There are handbooks, guidebooks, self-help books and coffee-table books. There are children’s books, young adult, old adult, and average adult books. All of these books come in a plethora of languages. And many exist only in ether – what we call e-books.

But, today, on this second day of Rosh Hashanah, there is one book we need to talk about more than any other. This is a book that our Sages tell us is open today, at the beginning of the New Year.

That book is the Book of Life.

Its profound secret may be found in the story of Louis Braille, the man who changed reading and writing forever, and who truly opened the eyes of the world to its possibilities and dreams.


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