Shabbat Chol Hamoed: 70 Bulls – Why Do We Pray for the Nations of the World on Sukkot?



Let’s have a bull shove.

On Sukkot 70 bulls were offered as atonement and protection for the 70 nations of the world, praying for their wellbeing.

Why would we bring offerings and pray for the world’s nations in the Holy Temple? Would you do that in your synagogue? Especially considering all the crimes the nations of the world perpetrated against the Jews throughout history – why would we then go ahead and pray for them?!

Can you think of any religion or culture that prays for the welfare of other peoples at their holiest spot?

The 70 bulls of Sukkot reveals and demonstrates a remarkable fact: Judaism is a global force which impacts and influences the entire world.

Sukkot teaches us a big secret: The Holy Temple wasn’t just for Jews. It was for the entire world. And by looking at our lives today we can actually see the impact Sukkot has had on the nations of the world over the millennia…

Two incredible stories of Righteous Gentiles who saved Jews during the Holocaust help us understand the power of the 70 bulls.





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