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Get six complete and original sermons for Parshat Shelach (or purchase them individually)

1. Gnats and Giants: How To Develop A Winning Attitude
What poses the greatest hurdle in achieving our goals – the difficulty of the mission, or our own internal resistance and fear? How much of our success is dependent on attitude and self-confidence? The answers are contained in this week’s Torah reading, which records the first instance of  “projection.”
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2. Angels or Grasshoppers?
Low self-esteem is a very real issue today. It affects virtually every aspect of our lives. We can learn much about this from the ten scouts Moses sent to the Promised Land who reported that they saw themselves as “little grasshoppers” and the inhabitants of the land as “giants.”
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3. Making Aliyah: Is It Worth It?
What is the source and root of aliyah? What can it teach us about our lives and about Israel? As the Jews prepare for their first aliyah to Israel, the story of the scouts in this week’s Torah portion teaches how true purity and purpose is not found in the shielded protection of the wilderness, but in overcoming the challenges and obstacles of the Promised Land.
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4. Living On The Fringe
We appreciate the value of large projects and global ventures. But how much do “small” things matter? Big ideas do not always translate into our simple, personal, local lives. The mitzvah of tzitzit teaches us how small things contain global proportions
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5. Are You A Hero?
Is our obsession with heroes superficial? What defines a hero? This week’s Torah reading suggests that there is much more to the hero than meets the eye. In reading the story of Caleb and Joshua, who took a stand of heroic proportions, we find out the true meaning of what it takes to be a hero.
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6. How Far is Too Far?
What line, if any, must be crossed before cutting off from a loved one? The answer is found in this week’s Torah reading – which documents one of the greatest tragedies in our history, the slander of the spies – and proposes a formula for figuring out where lies the line we should never cross.
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