Sukkot Day Two: The Greatest Dance




There are many reasons why we dance and celebrate. Some dance to remember. Some dance to forget. Some dance because they are happy. Some dance when they drink wine. Some dance at their children’s weddings.

Today you will learn a new reason to dance: To dance for no reason at all! Or more accurately: To dance for no reason except for the fact that you exist!

This is the Simchat Beit Hashoavah dance on Sukkot. Otherwise known as the “water dance” – when we commemorate the great joy that went along with the ceremony of water libations in the Temple.

We know that wine causes us to be happy and break out in dance and song. But water? How can tasteless water cause us to dance?

This sermon also explains an enigmatic story in the Talmud about the Sadducee who spilled the water on his feet, and the entire people pelted him with their etrogim.


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