Yahadus in My Life Chassidus Course

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A year-long course of study exploring Chassidic perspectives on the Jewish calendar compiled and arranged by Bassie Cohen. A project of the highly popular MyLife Series with Rabbi Simon Jacobson.

Course Include:

  • Yomim Tovim and Special Days
    Explores the Chassidic dimension of the Jewish calendar and includes halachos of Yomim Tovim.
  • Source Lists
    Each lessons contains text, source lists, stories and discussion points so teachers can easily access valuable and relevant materials.
  • Teen-Tested and Approved
    Brings Chassidus to teenagers in a relevant and engaging way by connecting lessons from special days on the calendar to daily life.
  • Guided Notes Assignments and Tests
    Key Chassidic concepts and halacha are grasped through student workbook, tests, assignments, and a teacher’s manual.

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