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Get seven complete and original sermons for Parshat Yitro (or purchase them individually)

1. Vision: What Do We Stand For?
Does Judaism offer us a vision for life, as well as a vision for the world? Or more bluntly put: Is Judaism parochial or global? This week, as we read about the great Sinai revelation, let us explore what Sinai – and Judaism overall – came contribute to the human race, and to each of us as individuals.
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2. American Idol & The Ten Commandments
Why is idol worship such a cardinal sin? Who really cares if someone wants to foolishly serve a rock or a tree?! Why did the Torah feel compelled to dedicate one of the Ten Commandments to prohibiting idolatry?
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3. Are You Having Trouble Communicating?
Do you often feel that you are not getting through to others? The secret to all communication lays in one unusual four-letter word which opens up the most famous statement ever uttered in all of history, the Ten Commandments.
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4. Woman: The Hidden Foundation
What controls a structure? Its floors and rooms, or its foundation? What has more impact: fear or  love? In this week’s Torah portion Moses speaks first to the women and then to the men, revealing for us the powerful feminine mystique – the invisible but invincible power of women in Judaism and in life.
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5. The Silent Tweet
Information overload is the story of our times. How to find meaning and truth in this cacophony? There are tablets and there are tablets. This week’s Torah portion tells us the true story of the tablet — two tablets actually — which reveal the silencing power of truth, in stark contrast to the noisy computer tablets of our times.
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6. Can We Conquer Disease and Death?
Are disease and death inherent to the human condition or are they an aberration? What can we do to help eradicate disease and illness, and will we see that? The fascinating answer can be found in an unusual experience documented in this week’s Torah portion: at Sinai every ailment was cured and every illness healed.
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7. Lessons from Jethro
Why was Jethro a prerequisite to Sinai? Because we often learn the deepest and truest lessons about ourselves from outsiders. It took Jethro the outsider – a minister and leader of another nation – to appreciate the depth of the Jewish people. His seven names offer us an important message today.
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