The Age of the Universe

Age of the Universe

How old is the universe?     Torah vs. Science!

The Rebbe explains that there is no need to discredit science in defense of Torah, but rather to seek the truth by balancing what we do an don’t know while keeping an open mind.

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1 year ago

a stimulating discussion, thank you for sharing dear Rabbi.

i was introduced to Jewish/Hebraic thought around the same time i was taking up Geology. i can appreciate the different concepts and theories of creation in the physical sciences without seeing them as contradictory to my interpretation of Biblical thought. i see the creation account as something metaphysical–a meditative tool in reflection on the seven Sefirot, and i feel its profound spiritual truth. i still believe, however, in evolution and the big bang theory.

today we count days in cycles of light and dark, reckoned by the light of the created sun in our solar system. but the creation account in Bereishit speaks of days counted in cycles of dark and light even before the creation of the light of the sun. this hints that our reckoning of counting days and years as enumerated in the Bible cannot be absolute. as finite creations, there are things and times well beyond our existence and day-to-day comprehension that should be considered.

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