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What the Soul Would Tell You If Would Ask It


If you would ask your soul about itself, it would tell you that it is fully equipped to handle any challenge it encounters.

The soul would tell you: “I come from a very spiritual place. Although I would have preferred to stay in the spiritual realm, I was compelled to come down to Earth into your body. In the spiritual realm, I — your soul — faced no problems. I had no body, no conflicts, no pettiness, no greed, no anger — none of the struggles of the human condition. Understandably, I was not happy about coming down to the hostile world called Earth. Yet, when I descended down into your body, I came with total security and confidence. How? If you allow me, I will tell you.

“I — your soul — took an eternal oath from my spiritual source. My source — my “mother soul” so to speak — promised to nourish me with all of the strengths I would need to deal with any challenge in life. I was endowed with all the resources to succeed in my — our — journey.”

Your soul would tell you that it carries those competencies with you every day; that those powers are yours; that whenever you encounter dishonesty or any other kind of dysfunction, you are armed to withstand it and to grow through it — that is a promise.


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