The Body Is Sacred

When we talk about the dichotomy between the body and the soul, we often speak of the body somewhat pejoratively. But, the body is vital to the soul. Without the body, the soul can’t do much on Earth.  The body is not just a container — it is a vehicle; it allows the soul to fulfill its purpose. If the soul is like a captain the body is like a ship. One cannot function without the other. We must treat our bodies with the utmost respect — a healthy soul needs a healthy body. What the soul desires for the body is that it should be dignified, and should listen to what the soul has to say. It wants unity with the body, not for the body to be ignored, subjugated or abused. Your healthcare, manner of dress, the food you eat — all of these things done in a healthy manner refine the body and satisfy the soul’s need for a sacred place to live. We need to find the proper balance between body and soul. While too much focus on the body can lead a person away from his or her purpose in life, we must not neglect the body for it plays a crucial role in realizing our calling.


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