Chukat/12 Tammuz Sermon Package



Get five complete and original sermons for Parshat Chukat and the 12th of Tammuz (or purchase them individually)

1. Three Leadership Lessons
Three narratives in our Torah reading – the Red Heifer, the Rock, and the Copper Snake – teach us lessons in leadership, and the deeper meaning in suspension of the sun on the 3rd of Tammuz.
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2. Daily Miracles: Do You Appreciate What You Have?
A seemingly far-out interpretation from Rashi on a seemingly straightforward series of Torah verses teaches us the behind-the-scenes presence of G-d in our lives.
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3. Of Minstrels and Metaphors
Is life literal or metaphorical? Is there a hidden message secreted within the surface reality that we experience on a daily basis? A verse in this week’s Torah reading quotes the poets who speak in parables, the minstrels who deal in metaphors, the soliloquists who trade in symbolic simile.
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4. Water from a Stone
What do we do when we encounter a difficult person in life – someone who has a heart of stone? This week’s Torah reading – relating the incident known as Mei Merivah – teaches us the way  to break through the hard defenses of another and pierce a … “stone.”
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5. What Heals the Ill, but Infects the Healthy?
The red heifer defiled the pure while it purified those defiled by death. This commandment, coupled with the piercing words of the Frierdiker Rebbe (whose 139th birthday and 92nd anniversary of his liberation we celebrate this week) about misplaced humility, offers us fascinating psycho-spiritual lessons for today’s war against assimilation.
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