Two Brand New Sukkot Sermons



Two Brand New Sukkot Sermons


1. From Homeless to Home: What Sukkot Teaches us about Human Dignity and Refugees
Homelessness is one of the saddest things to witness. Our very humanity, our very dignity, is violated when we don’t have a nurturing home. Why then do we leave our comfortable, secure homes, and move into a Sukkah, which is more like a homeless shelter of sorts? The answer to this perplexing question will also provide us with a formula how to help solve the homeless crisis in the USA and abroad.
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2. The Mystery of the Missing Tongue: How Sukkah Prevents Strife
How can we achieve unity and prevent conflict? Sukkah provides us with the answer. Its very name is glaringly missing one of the five organs of speech: the tongue, Why? Tracing the root of all strife, an analysis of the nature of the human tongue, the meaning of a cryptic verse in the Book of Psalms – all help illuminate how to use the power of the Sukkah to unite us, and protect us from divisiveness and discord.
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