6 Lech Lecha Sermons to Choose From



Get six complete and original sermons for Lech Lecha.  Read individual descriptions below.

1. You Are A Superstar
What is over 25 trillion miles away from us (one of the few things greater than the US deficit!), was shown to our ancestor nearly four millennia ago and that revelation contains a lesson for us today that is more relevant than ever? In short: You are a superstar.
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2. Jewish Mother’s Cure for Jihad

How can the stereotype of the Jewish mother help combat the radicalism raging throughout the Middle East and the world? This sermon analyzes the origins of radical Islam in the birth of Ishmael, who unfortunately did not have a Jewish mother. And then it shows how the Jewish mother is the source of the cure for all that ails us.
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3. Self Discovery
We all have experienced the frustration of an aborted plan, an unfulfilled dream or an unrealized aspiration. What is the single most important factor in fulfilling our goals? Usually we hear that the key is to keep the end in mind. But how often do we set our sights and embark on the journey, only to end up going nowhere? In truth the key to all true growth is not looking ahead, but freeing ourselves from our pasts that keep us trapped. This week’s portion teaches us the secret to fulfilling our objectives: leave your three different comfort zones that trap you from growing.
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4. Abraham Today: Would He Recognize Us?
What would the man who gave us monotheism and embraced a life of virtue, justice and kindness say about religion in our times? Would he even recognize it? How would Abraham react if he entered a modern-day synagogue? How would he respond to a synagogue squabble between his great great-grandchildren?
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5. Travel Secrets and the Stunning Election of Donald Trump
This week’s Torah reading is a guide for every aspiring leader, Jewish or not. It shows us how our forefather, Abraham, learned how to lead by traveling. It taught him how to welcome guests and embrace all humankind into his home. This powerful lesson is one that our president needs to embrace.
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6. Why Jerusalem?
Throughout history Muslims had great for the Jewish Temple Mount. So what has changed? Why are Muslims today attacking Jews in the holy city of Jerusalem? And what can we do about it?  The answer lies in this week’s portion, which speaks of the King of Salem, and how he named this holy city; and of Abraham who gave the holy city a name of his own. When we live up to the name Yerushalayim, “Jerusalem,” the world will stand in reverence and awe, and all of humanity will witness a complete and everlasting peace.
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