How Singing Transforms Suffering
Parshat Eikev



Healers of all sorts have offered potions of numerous varieties in an effort to alleviate human suffering. From shamans to psychologists, prophets to poets, opiates to faith, we are witness to a long history of every possible antidote to fight pain and distress. Have any of these helped? You can determine the results on your own.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he dedicates this special edition to a man, whose 72nd yahrzeit we commemorate today. A holy individual who taught us how to turn suffering into song, enabling us to discover a radically different, counter-intuitive method of relieving adversity and transforming it into joy. Learn how to see every twist and turn of your life, up or down, positive or negative, as part of a grand musical symphony, in which each note, ecstatic or melancholic, is an integral part of your melody.


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Parshat Eikev”

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