Seven Steps to a Spiritually Intoxicated Purim

spiritually intoxicated purim

The Staff of the Meaningful Life Center Present: Seven Steps to a Spiritually Intoxicated Purim

1. See the Patterns

In the seemingly random events of our lives lie profound, deep patterns. Connect the dots to see the bigger picture emerge.

2. Don’t Conform

From Mordechai, the non-conformist, learn not to bow down to the man-made idols of our times.
(Esther 3:2)

3. Recognize Your Mission

From Esther, the heroine, realize that your position in life provides you with an opportunity to bring redemption to the world. (Esther 4:14)

4. Wake Up – The Miracle Begins Here!!

Achashveirosh’s insomnia reminds us to wake up from our spiritual slumber. (Esther 6:1)

5. Transform the Darkness

Haman’s hatred forces us to define who we truly are, and elicits our ability to transform the darkest moments into the highest joy. (Esther 3:8 & 9:1, 9:22)

6. Unmask G-d

The absence of G-d’s name from the Purim story, challenges us to recognize that the natural events of the material world are a mask that hides a deeper truth – G-d’s hand inside the glove. (Esther 1:1 –10:3)

7. Transcend Your Logic

Don’t try to figure it all out. Sometimes you make great plans, and G-d has greater, unexpected plans!

Be your true self this Purim and experience intoxicated joy!



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