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Why It Is Good That Life Is a Struggle


As much as we may prefer an “easy” life, and no matter how “perfect” other people’s lives look, the truth about life is that it is a struggle — and that’s healthy. The “feel good” advertising industry wants us to think that an easy life is one click or one purchase away. That is simply not true — life is meant to be challenging. Here are the whys and hows of embracing it.

Struggle Is the Purpose of Existence

It’s an illusion to think that life is easy and that faith is bliss. On the contrary — life is a battle. And it is precisely this battle that we were designed to face. Therefore, do not be disturbed or demoralized by your challenges, by your inconsistencies and by your weaknesses. Do not be shaken when you do not live up to your highest aspirations, and often do not actualize or maintain your inspiration. Do not be discouraged – because this struggle is the fundamental purpose of all of existence.

Be Honest: Face the Truth of the Challenge

So many of us try to fight the fact that life is difficult, and we seek out ways to numb ourselves or find temporary balms to make us feel good. We turn to all sorts of escapes to relieve our pain. But they never last. However, when you embrace the struggle and realize that it is exactly what life was meant to be, you paradoxically get empowered to face your challenges with confidence and strength. The key is not to deceive yourself into thinking that the world is just fine and you can remain passive and complacent. You must be wise and awake to life’s traps and realize that life is a struggle. Make peace with your struggles. The first step to winning your battles is to recognize their value and importance.

You Have Tools to Face It

You must always know that each challenge, no matter how difficult, comes with tools to face that challenge and come out stronger.  Since struggle is the purpose of life, and not just some incidental distraction, you are provided with all the resources you need to deal with your struggles. Whatever difficulty and hardship that comes your way, whatever loss or setback you are experiencing, you must always know that you have all the tools necessary to face the struggle and prevail. Not just prevail but thrive and grow, and transform your corner of the world. This is also true about past traumas. You always have the ability to begin at whatever stage you are in your life.

Start At Home

In order to take on life’s battles, you need a strong foundation. What is most vital is to create a peaceful oasis – a space, a moment, a corner, in which you have the ability to stock up, gather strength and reinforce yourself before you face the harsh realities around you. This also serves as a solid base and station from which you can engage the often difficult world, and do what it takes to reveal the light in the darkness.

Exercise: How do you perceive struggles? Do you expect life to be easy? Do you feel inadequate because you struggle? Journal about it in your MyMLC journal.

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    What are the tools that are at our desposal when we are in our deepest darkness?

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