How to Relieve Your Emotional Pain


Are you heartbroken? Lonely? Disappointed? Feeling emotions that you’d rather not? Contrary to popular belief, discussing pain and trying to explain your emotions without taking action will not curb the emotional storm. Without action, pain victimizes you. It can unfortunately become a justification for behavior that is destructive to yourself and others. Will you allow pain to debilitate you, or will you see it as a catalyst for growth? The following three steps, which come from the 4000-year-old tradition of Kabbalah, are a sure way to not only relieve emotional pain, but to become a better person through it.

Widen Your Perspective

When you are in emotional pain, you need to broaden your perspective rather than limit it. Look beyond your solitary, myopic perspective on yourself and the world — lest your pain render you helpless. Widening your perspective allows you to move away from the painful situation rather than getting stuck in its grip. The movement may be as simple as reaching out to friends or family who can widen your perspective, making a new friend, reading a new book, or getting involved in a project or class. Don’t wait until you hit rock bottom to move — be proactive.

Accept Pain With Joy

Pain is an opportunity for growth, but it’s hard to take on that attitude without accepting pain first. Instead of resenting pain, see it as an impetus to redouble your efforts to live out your purpose in life, and to alleviate the pain of your fellow humans. It is a challenge to be met with determination and enthusiasm — the kind of zest that translates to joy. Avoid resignation, and avoid questioning why it is that you must suffer. Accept that your emotional pain exists, and then use it as a springboard for a personal renaissance.

Pray — to A Higher Power

When you are in emotional pain, get closer to your Higher Power rather than more distant. The eternal element of your life, meaning the possibilities beyond your physical and emotional circumstances, is your lifeline. No matter how much emotional pain you feel, your soul remains intact and dynamic, always ready to communicate with your Higher Power. Prayer is a powerful form of action — one that allows you to ask for and receive help beyond your limited scope of vision.

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