Your Deepest Secret Isn’t What You Think It Is


We all have secrets — the question is what you think is your deepest secret. What does it look like? Is it dark and shameful — the ugliest parts of your personality that only you know about, or is it something bright and beautiful? 

Why Your Deepest Secrets Matter

The way you perceive your deepest secrets has direct impact on every part of your life. If indeed your deepest secrets are dark and foreboding, and cause you shame to the point that you would not want to share them with anybody, you can be sure that awareness has real and profound implications. Such a negative self-image exerts tremendous weight on your psyche — it erodes your self-esteem and drains your valuable resources as you work overtime to conceal your innermost shames. It affects your attitudes, choices and decision making process. How haunted are you by your fear of exposure, afraid that people would not respect you if they knew who you really are? How much wasted energy do you expend in hiding your darkest secrets?

At the end of the day, who you think you are is what you play out in your script. Your self-perception defines your narrative. What kind of life are you going to live if you think your deepest part is ugly? You may fight it, you may regret it and try to correct it, but your negative self-image will continuously tug at you and drag you down.

What new tools can you develop to change things?

The Truth About Your Deepest Secret

The first step in changing your life is changing your perception of yourself — and of your innermost secrets. You need to realize that the shameful secrets you are aware of are based on your limited experience and perception, and that in truth, there are a multitude of dimensions within you that you are not aware of. As long as you hold on to your past perception of your dark insides, you will be trapped by them. How could you ever become a better person without knowing who you truly are?

So who are you at the core of all cores? What is truly your deepest secret?

When you cut to the core, you will find a beautiful spirit.

Why is that so distant from your perception? Because we don’t relate to that part of ourselves — we relate to the parts we have become accustomed to, the parts we escape to for relief. That becomes our so-called refuge. It’s often not a pleasant or beautiful place to look at.

But the truth is, the deepest secrets in life are actually the most beautiful parts: When you get to the bottom of the rabbit hole you are going to meet the real you, and the real you is a piece of the Divine.

What’s your deepest secret? It’s up to you. The deepest secret is the Divine secrets that you carry inside yourself.

How to Access It

How then do you access the beautiful spirit within you? In two ways: 1) By studying and becoming aware of your own soul. 2) By acting and exercising your soul’s “muscles” through acts of generosity, gratitude, goodness and kindness. When you study about your soul you discover the deepest parts of yourself– you then have something to work with. Discovering and learning about your soul is the way to discover your deepest hidden potential. Do you know all of your potential? (Nobody knows their full potential, since it is infinite.) Learning about the soul opens up your heart to places you never would have reached on your own. Knowledge opens you to new experiences, and there is no way that you can grow and expand your horizons and spread your wings if you don’t know you have wings.

There is a whole reservoir of power beneath that. And you have to learn to access it. When you learn to access it, it weakens those deep dark things that many of us think define our secret lives.

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