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50 Reasons Why Your Life Matters


It happens to the best of us: Sometimes it seems like our lives don’t matter. Whether you are in the depths of depression or have survived an assault on who you are, or even if you are just having a really bad day, sometimes it seems like, “My life doesn’t matter.” However: That thought is wrong. Your life does matter.

A spiritual truth: If you are alive, your life matters. Here are 50 reasons why:

50. The world would be different if you were not born.

49. You have a unique role to play in the grand scheme of things.

48. You have a contribution to make to the world, even if you’re not sure what it is.

47. You were chosen to be born and to live in this world.

46. The small things you do have a bigger positive effect than you know.

45. You have said and will say again kind words that made somebody’s day.

44. You might save someone’s life one day.

43. You might have already saved someone’s life without even knowing it.

42. You have many things to accomplish.

41. You’d be missed by others if you weren’t around, even if you don’t think so.

40. There are things you’ve learned that you need to teach.

39. Nobody can look out at life with exactly the same eyes as you do.

38. You have the ability to choose, and that is a gift.

37. You can rectify mistakes by approaching the same situations in better ways in the future.

36. You can inspire someone who feels broken.

35. You can experience the satisfaction of doing something difficult.

34. The soul that lives in your body is yours and only yours, and was put in your body for a reason.

33. Your body is a channel for your soul.

32. Your potential for growth is unlimited.

31. People might have told you that you are worthless, but they are wrong.

30. Every morning is an opportunity to renew your connection to your soul.

29. Every night is an opportunity to take stock of the day and plan for a better tomorrow.

28. Your cells are constantly regenerating, which means that at the cellular level you are always changing and progressing.

27. Everything you see in the world has a lesson to teach you.

26. Every day that you are alive you are acquiring experience and knowledge.

25. Using your money for charitable purposes makes your work and money meaningful.

24. You have the ability to use your resources to produce more than is given to you.

23. You can set an example of gracious conduct.

22. The soul inside you never grows weary; it allows you to continue on even when you are physically and emotionally tired.

21. The real you is the inner you, and when you are living with the real you, your life takes on greater meaning.

20. Every year on your birthday, the special energy invested in you at birth is present.

19. Pain you experience can be transformed into growth.

18. Ambition and creativity are lifelong journeys, so your life matters regardless of your age.

17. Every stage of life has its inherent strengths. The stage of life you are in right now is meaningful even if it feels like a slump.

16. You are a partner in the creation of the world. You co-create reality with the Universe.

15. You have the power to shape your future.

14. The good things you do today have perpetual effects.

13. Your joy has a cosmic impact.

12. There is a part of you that has never been wounded — and can never be wounded.

11. Some of the little things you do in life are more important than the big things.

10. The journey of your life is more important than your material accomplishments.

9. You might not think you are a leader, but everyone has the ability to influence another person positively.

8. You are a link in a long historical chain.

7. You can recognize the extraordinary within the ordinary.

6. Your life is a miracle, an actual miracle.

5. You are inherently good. Your inner self is inherently good. Every person has an inherently beautiful inner self.

4. Your life matters because you yearn for something better.

3. Your life matters because you care enough to regret your mistakes.

2. Regardless of how lonely you feel, you are never alone.

1. Your life matters because birth is God saying, “You matter.”

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14 Responses to “50 Reasons Why Your Life Matters”

  1. Billy

    I have been dealing with major depression and anxiety, with it becoming very severe during the past several weeks. While in this unstable state, I have been rethinking my entire life and it has made me question if my life is significant at all. This list helped me a ton, and I appreciate you taking the time to post it. It could have very well saved someone’s life like mine who has been dealing with suicidal thoughts. Thank you.

  2. Homer

    Death is starting to feel like a preferable alternative to reading this pretentious feel good nonsense.

  3. hooman

    i find it very cheesy and religious based outlook on life, as a person that believes in the universe is random and nothing matters, i found it very worthless, sorry not sorry.

    im really fun at party,dont @ me
    plus i dont like parties, sorry not sory but im kinda bored soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  4. xunknownx

    you made me cry . This helps sooo much

  5. really.i nearly killed myself

    i thought life never matters because we don’t feel safe even if your dad is alive

  6. Hen

    This is a great list. For people like me who overthink EVERYTHING, it helped channel my focus to better thoughts. Thanks.

  7. .

    I am personally atheist myself and I do not agree with the other comments regarding being offended. I do not find this offensive whatsoever, religious or not. When they say God, they do not mean Jesus or whatever. They mean God in the sense of Maker.
    Either way, I think these were well chosen and made me feel a lot better. Thanks.

  8. Nothing

    Thus was dumb as shit, it didn’t help. Im surprised that this was one of the first things to pop up. These are all reasons Ive heard before and it actually wants to make me kill myself more now actually knowing someone is actually dumb enough to believe it. NONE of theses are reasons why I matter. So what if I save someone life someday, if I dont save their life, then Im really just helping put them out of their own misery and saving them from having to put up with idiots like you that think being born is “gods gift” or some dumb shit like that. Face the facts, there is no god and it pisses me off to no extent when someone uses it as an excuse for me not to do something. Do you know how many people have died in religious wars?! Because of “god”?! Screw you, ill kill myself anyways.

  9. Camus

    You are simply telling people what they want to hear. Our significance in the universe is a very deep and hard philosophical question to answer. How can my life matter if my God doesn’t answer me and I’m stuck with the atheists telling me that I should be happy regardless and embrace a cold empty existence where nothing matters, especially beyond death. People say we can make our own purpose. But I don’t trust myself to make a purpose that leads me down a path of virtue, goodness and morality.

    So I’m stuck in this cross road of do I make my own purpose that is bound to be riddled with flaws. Struggle on a path to find a greater existential meaning to life. Or acknowledge that my life actually means nothing and I have no ultimate purpose and embrace the absurdity of the world. I’m stuck please. I just want to do good, be wise, and love and die well.

    Please stop putting up these dumb “top 50 reasons why my life matters” if they can’t all be defended with proper gentle argumentation, logic and most of all philosophy.

    Please help I’m in terrible pain please help me.

  10. hugely depressed

    thx for the reasons and i really really like the first one, it really makes me feel a lot better

  11. Doesn't matter

    Reading those 50 reasons made me all the more cynical about life. To some degree it even increased my optimism about dying. Not saying this to troll or be disagreeable either, just being honest. Thanks.

  12. Todd

    A agree with “??”
    Stupid ass religious BS.
    More blood has been shed in the name of God than all worlds wars combined.

  13. ??

    This sucked as much as me and I’m atheist so this also pissed me off a bit.

  14. scott

    im 18 years old and i was feeling really sad thanks for making me feel better

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