Personal Stories

What champagne is to celebration; what flowers are to romance; what music is to joy – a story is to life.

There are those that know the place. There are those that know the time. There are those that know the ritual. There are those that know the prayers. And there are those that know how to light the fire. We may not know the place, the time, the ritual, the prayer, or the fire. So we tell the story. A story, more than a recollection, is the bridge spanning past, present and future. A story reminds us, reignites us, and inspires us. A story isn’t merely told. A story is lived. Welcome to once upon a time.

Dancing with the Torah
Photo for Can Faith Laugh?
Steve JObs commencement speech Stanford
Loneliness and prayer
Photo for Mr. Gennady Bogolubav
Spiritual awakening
The candle of God
Inner self
Natan Yellin-Mur
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