Rosh Hashana Cosmology: The Kabbalah of the Big Bang Theory Part 2



Scientists – and all of us – are fascinated by the events that transpired at the moment of the Big Bang. Large particle accelerators can replicate the conditions that prevailed after the early moments of the universe. But due to the limitations of the laws of science, we can’t make any guesses about the instant the universe came into being. Instead, we can look at the period immediately following the creation of the universe, sometimes referred to quantum cosmology. Right now, the earliest moment scientists talk about occurs at 10-43 seconds (take the number 1.0 and move the decimal place to the left 43 times) after the creation of the universe. However, we are unable to know what transpired at the exact instant of the Big Bang.

How would you like to take a trip to that momentous event, to that breathtaking moment — to ground zero of creation? What would you learn if you experienced it? How could it help your life today?

Please join R’ Jacobson on a historic journey back to the virtual moment of the Big Bang. And discover the mind blowing fact: the Big Bang isn’t just a thing of the past; it will be renewed this coming Sunday night on the birthday of the first Big Bang, when all of existence reverts to its first moment. Even more astonishing is the fact that we can tap into that new creation energy, and despite our pasts, even difficult pasts, we can experience total renewal! We have the power to recreate the Big Bang in our own lives and access entirely new resources that have never before existed. Imagine that…


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