6 Terumah/Adar Sermons to Choose from



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1. Sizzle or Steak?
What do you create first – the package or the product? In our personal lives the same question can be asked: What takes priority – the means or the ends? What drives us – the body or the soul? Marketing, business administration and personal life all converge as we explore the symbiotic relationship between Moses the visionary, and Bezalel, the builder.
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2. Are You Centered?
The center bar in the Sanctuary, which ran through the middle of all the planks, offers us an invaluable lesson in living a centered life.
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3. The Torah’s High-Carb Diet Plan
Bread — carbs — has recently gotten a bad rap. Discover another take on bread in this week’s Torah reading, where we learn about the bread in the Temple, called lechem haponim. This bread was perpetually fresh, and it represents the face of the world. When you eat this bread, you gain enlightenment, not weight.
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4. Do You Feel Lonely? 
Is G-d lonely? We learn much about how to deal with our own loneliness from G-d’s wish to build for Him a home — a sanctuary — in this world, where He may rest among us.
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5. From Role Model to Super Model
There are models and then there are supermodels. In our superficial world we often worship the external supermodel – that which appeals to our eyes. But in this week’s Torah reading we learn the nature of the true super model, which is also the best role model we can find.
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6. Adar – The Two Jesters: Is There a Secret to Joy?
How does joy affect our lives? How important is it to our health and well-being? And conversely: How does sadness affect our health, our choices and our coping mechanisms? The month of Adar. which we just entered, teaches us the secret power of joy — how joy unblocks impediments, allowing us to access our deepest resources and enabling us to connect to our true inner selves.
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