The deepest flames are those that burn when the nights get dark and the hearts cold.

Chanukah begins in the evening of Thursday, Dec. 10 – Friday, Dec.18 2020

Anything compromised is Greek to those of a Divine persuasion. This is the story of the few who were victorious over the many. This is the miracle of a drop of inspiration that burned forever and on. Light is natural, and that is the greatest miracle. There are dark forces in this world that would rather drown in a storm than live in a lighthouse. For eight days and nights our fire burns, increasing in the holiness daily. We put a positive spin on everything, fry latkes, and dish out gelt (not guilt). We praise the Creator. Once upon a time the light burned supernaturally. The real miracle is that it still does.

The Body and Soul of Light
Listen to the Flames
The Hellenist Coachman
The Fifth Night
Chanukah: A Journey by Candlelight
A Chanukah Poem: Listen to the Candles
Chanukah Remnants
Accumulating Lights
Addition of Candles on Chanukah
spiritual nature of light
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